Designing Responsible AI Technologies to Curb Disinformation
a Good Systems Research Initiative at The University of Texas at Austin

We focus research on the intersection of artificial intelligence & misinformation, spanning data labeling, automated fact-checking, and human-AI interactions in fact-checking algorithms.

Core Faculty

Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated UT Centers & Initiatives

Center for Media Engagement

Computational Media Lab

Global Disinformation Lab

Good Systems

Machine Learning Lab


Alex Boltz (Department of Government)

Anubrata Das (School of Information)

Jifan Chen (Computer Science)

Tanya Goyal (Computer Science)

Venkata S. Govindarajan (Linguistics)

Kami Vinton (School of Journalism and Media)

Houjiang Liu (School of Information)

Terrence Neumann (Information, Risk and Operations Management)

Li Shi (School of Information)


Chenyan Jia (now Northeastern University)

Venelin Kovatchev (now University of Birmingham)