Health & Wellness Program Manager

Dorie Halbfass

State Information Packets (SIP)

Welcome to the 2nd Trimester with me on our Health and Wellness journey! I am excited to start this trimester as we will be working on breaking our interpersonal bad habits! For those that do not know what that is it is like judging a book by its cover. It also can pertain to belching in public, making rude comments towards others or even sometimes yourself.

For my challenge this trimester I want you to hold yourself accountable for what you have done and work on breaking them interpersonal bad habits. I will be posting challenges on the programming teams Facebook, as well as educational materials to help you on this journey. If you do not have Facebook you can email me and we can work that way.

Again, I look forward to the second trimester with you all and working on breaking our interpersonal bad habits!

2nd Trimester Challenge

  • Work on breaking habits by holding yourself accountable is one of the main ways. However, it can be hard. So, throughout the second trimester I will be putting things up on the Programming page on Facebook to help you out. Educating yourself and following through with what you have learned is a good practice to breaking bad habits. What I would like for you to do is one of two things.
  • Participate on the USWT Programming Facebook page with what your interpersonal bad habits are that you are wanting to work on, and tell me what you are doing to do to correct these interpersonal bad habits.
  • Email me and I will serve as your advocate and help you.

Please feel free to share as many interpersonal bad habits you are working on as each post/email with a different interpersonal bad habit counts as one tally under your name to winning an incentive.

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 2019-2020 year of Health and Wellness. My name is Dorie Halbfass, and I am from the New Hampton WT in Iowa. I became a member of Women of Today December of 2017. Currently I am my chapter's Secretary and Treasurer, and serve as secretary on the Iowa State level too. I am a mother to seven children and have five grandchildren with another on the way in September. I run my own child care out of my home and have done so for six years.

My first trimester I will be concentrating on breaking bad mental habits. We will be working on this by having you all engage in my challenges that I will have on the USWT Facebook page! I will be helping out as much as I can with keeping you going and showing you how to break some mental bad habits. I will accept emails as well if you are wanting to participate that way with me.

I will be doing an incentive to whomever participates the most and the incentive is going to be a very good one that is dealing with "Breaking Bad…Habits."

I would also like for you all to please make sure to get to me your Health and Wellness certification forms. I am doing an incentive for whichever state has the highest percentage submitted to me. I look forward to working with you all this year and let’s get this first trimester started off right with “Breaking Bad…Habits.”