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  • April for Outstanding Achievement in Programming

  • May & December for Community Connections

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3rd Trimester Challenge

My challenge for the 3rd trimester is to go sugar free for 30 days, you’re going WHAT!! I am starting January 1st and going until January 31st with no sugar. You can do it however you like no candy, no sweets, cake, brownies, ice cream etc. Yes, just like a New Year’s resolution so you can make it how you want. It will be a challenge for me, I have a lot of fun activities planned in January. How will I make it? Maybe, maybe not but that’s why it will be a challenge.

2nd Trimester Challenge

  • Project Report Library is on our web page to share project ideas with each other. These include community education, membership drives, fundraisers, socials & fun activities. You can submit it at any time.

  • Sleep Challenge: Keep a record of your sleep each night for a month, send to me by 12/31/21, and don’t forget to keep getting your Health Maintenance items done! See my 2nd Tri SIP for more information.

  • Community Connections Report states and chapter will need to fill this out each trimester. The purpose is to track how many volunteer hours and donations are contributed by our members. I will give you a total at year end. We can use these to help promote Women of Today in our communities and nation. We are small but we are mighty in what we can accomplish in our organization. Challenge for the 2nd trimester is to have 56 community connections turned in to help Celebrate President’s Cindy 56th Birthday! If we make our goal those chapters will be put in a drawing.

Complete these activities, and send an email to me by 12/31/21.

1st Trimester Challenge

With Covid 19, how many last year didn’t get their physical, fasting labs, mammogram or colonoscopy? I challenge you to get them done and you will be put in a drawing for first trimester challenge. Due to me by September 20. The winner will be drawn at mid-year convention.

Check out the new OAP form, and please discard all the old OAP forms. The requirements have changed for OAP recognition. The new form can be found on this website, under “Awards & Resources” then click on “Programming Resources,” the Outstanding Achievement in Programming online form and PDF are under the Programming VP section.

I am excited to be servicing as your Programming Vice President. My name is Tracey Pierson, I belong to the Iowa Women of Today and my local chapter is the Spencer Women of Today. I have been a member for 16 years. I have served on the local chapter as President, External & internal Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chair of the board and State Director and multiple times on some of those positions. State level I have been State President, Parliamentarian, Programming Vice President, Treasurer, Steps PM, State Philanthropic. On the National level I was the first one to hold the new position of Health and Wellness program manager under the National President Pat Fern and this last year I was President Angelina Dietz personal assist.

On a personal level I have been married for 12 years to my husband Brad. We have a daughter who is married to Nick and they have 1 child Adalynn 5 years old and grand dog. A son Mark and his wife Alexis and their two kids Huxley 2 ½ and Milan 7 months and a grand dog. In my free time I love to read and I love watching or attending NFL football games.

I work at Avera Medica Group in Spencer, Iowa, as a patient flow coordinator for a doctor, which means if you are her patient, I will schedule all the appointments, referrals and anything else that needs to be done.

I have already received 1! The link is: Community Connections Report