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Laura Morris

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Grow Together

2nd Trimester Challenge

CHALLENGE: Covid is wreaking havoc on our ability to do projects and raise money in our local chapters. Many of you have come up some creative ideas, while others are struggling. So how about we help each other out and share some of your social distance projects and/or fundraisers ideas. You can email them to me or post them on the “USWT Programming” Facebook page. I will try to compile them and send them out in a newsletter, and maybe we can post some on the US Women of Today website under the Programming Project Library. Each Chapter who shares will be entered in a drawing for a $25 cash gift for your Chapter funds. The drawing will be held at year-end convention. Deadline January 15.

1st Trimester Challenge

Blood Banks are dangerously low in blood supply. Therefore, I am challenging all members to donate blood or plasma by September 30. Since some people are not able to donate due to various health reasons or cannot meet the requirements, those members can convince a family member or friend to donate in their stead. Either way counts! It also counts as one of the 15 items needed to certify in Wellness & Personal Development. Once you or your friend has donated send me an email or post a picture of you donating on the US Women of Today Programming Facebook page, and I will enter you in a drawing to win an $50 AMAZON GIFT CARD, donated by myself. Drawing to be done at mid-year convention. GIVE BLOOD, PASS IT ON!

Hello State Programming VPs! My name is Laura Morris and I am excited to be serving as the US Women of Today Programming VP. I belong to the Missouri Women of Today, the Trumanland (Kansas City area) chapter. Before that I belonged to Macon, Missouri WT. I have been a member for 20 years. I have served as local and state President, VP, Treasurer, and Foundation/DVA PM. I also served as USWT Treasurer in 2006-2007 under President Kayla Hermann. I am married and have 2 sons, the youngest is a senior at Missouri State University and the oldest lives in LA and is engaged. I also have one dog and a granddog. I am the Financial Accounting Analyst at RegaloRx (a not-for-profit subsidiary of Heart to Heart International). You may have seen Heart to Heart on the news as they provide medical care and supplies during disasters all over the world. Covid-19 has kept us very busy.

My theme this year is “Grow Together” which I used to kind of connect with President Angie’s theme of “Stronger Together.” Women of Today Programming’s purpose is to help each of us become stronger, more rounded people. We are to become healthier, more productive, better speakers and writers, inspiring leaders and overall better people. We can work on these individually, but it is so much more effective to work on all these as a team---together! We can also have a bigger effect on our communities as a team. And an added benefit is that we can become great friends with others in the group. “Grow Together” has a double meaning, we grow individually when we work together and we develop close relationships with each other along the way.

The following are my goals for the year.

  1. Communicate with State Programming Vice Presidents at least 3 times each trimester.

  2. Provide training for State Programming Vice Presidents and others.

  3. Promote Community Connections and encourage states to send form in each trimester, with 75% participation.

  4. Award 15 certificates for Outstanding Achievement in Programming for the year.

  5. Have each state contribute to the online Project Library at least once by the end of the year.