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The Web Development Committee approved an online survey for our website. This form will be used to gather information on the USWT website. Responses will be reviewed by the Web Development Committee to decide if changes need to be made to the website for easier use, better design, or additional content. Responses to the online form will be viewed by the USWT President, COB, and Webmaster. Please help our committee make the USWT website a better tool for you, our member!

Questions & Answers

  • When I go the USWT website, it said that this site is unsecured. Do I open it? The "Unsecured" or "Not Secured" website only matters if you will be entering information. It does not matter if you are simply viewing our website. When an electronic submission form is used, that is when you want to see a "secure" website -- however, that only really matters if you are entering personal information (i.e., SSN, CC#, address, phone, etc.). The USWT website doesn't need to be secure because when we do request electronic submissions of information, we have users print forms or we use an electronic form that will keep your information secure. Additionally, a "secure" website (or SSL) is an expensive cost that the USWT would not want to incur as it is unnecessary for our website.

  • How do I find the USWT Board? Click the dropdown arrow to the right of "About Us" to open the submenu; then click the dropdown arrow to the right of "USWT Leadership" and you will see all the webpages for the USWT Board. You will find the Directors under Membership Vice President's dropdown and Program Managers under Programming Vice President's dropdown.

  • What are the icons near the USWT Board member's picture? These are quick links to email the person or to open the resources (i.e., forms, manuals) that fall under the person. After clicking the email icon you will activate your device's email program. After clicking the resources link, you will be taken to the appropriate resources webpage.