Daina Mirsch-Wenner

Emphasis Month:

  • May

Linking Together

Below please find links to help your chapter work with free online tools. Links are for videos that will run on YouTube, and were created by a third-party, some ads may be shown.

Questions & Answers

  • When I go the USWT website, it said that this site is unsecured. Do I open it? The "Unsecured" or "Not Secured" website only matters if you will be entering information. It does not matter if you are simply viewing our website. When an electronic submission form is used, that is when you want to see a "secure" website -- however, that only really matters if you are entering personal information (i.e., SSN, CC#, address, phone, etc.). The USWT website doesn't need to be secure because when we do request electronic submissions of information, we have users print forms or we use an electronic form that will keep your information secure. Additionally, a "secure" website (or SSL) is an expensive cost that the USWT would not want to incur as it is unnecessary for our website.

  • How do I find the USWT Board? Click the dropdown arrow to the right of "About Us" to open the submenu; then click the dropdown arrow to the right of "USWT Leadership" and you will see all the webpages for the USWT Board. You will find the Directors under Membership Vice President's dropdown and Program Managers under Programming Vice President's dropdown.

  • What are the icons near the USWT Board member's picture? These are quick links to email the person or to open the resources (i.e., forms, manuals) that fall under the person. After clicking the email icon you will activate your device's email program. After clicking the resources link, you will be taken to the appropriate resources webpage.

Experience & Background

I joined the Minnesota Women of Today in 1995. I have held many local, district, state and national positions during my WT tenure, including the initial webmaster for MNWT and USWT. I have held the MNWT webmaster position for the majority of the time there has been a website, although there have been two others during a brief period.

Women of Today has been a great opportunity for me as it has allowed me to grow as a webmaster by giving me the freedom to experiment and learn new techniques. I excelled as a webmaster with WT so much that from 2006-2013 I held a position as Webmaster for a major metropolitan performing arts center and currently have my own web development business. Furthermore, I have a degree in Marketing and Graphic Design, as well as over 30 years experience in these fields. So not only can I do the coding necessary for web development, but I also can create pleasing layouts.

2019-2022 Goals for the USWT Website

  • Get the National Store online: using Google Form or Facebook Store and working together with the Treasurer, we can create an online store for no cost (if the purchaser is billed) or minimal cost (if monies must be electronically collected, i.e., "eCommerce store"). If an eCommerce store is desired, there will need to be a budget for an SSL and a PayPal account may need to be established, if USWT does not already possess these things.

  • DONE! Make all USWT forms able to be completed online: with Google Forms or EmailMeForms, we can complete this. It will also have to be done after the initial setup is completed. Using online forms means that the paper version and the online version will not be exactly duplicated in layout, but I believe having an online form will allow member participation to increase.