Are you ready to be “Staying Motivated” with me this second trimester? Are you up for a challenge?

I have a challenge for each member and each chapter. If you complete it, you will be recognized at Year End Convention in Iowa. Remember, you need to complete it by December 31, 2020. Good Luck and I am hoping to be giving a lot of recognition in Iowa!

You must complete 4 out of 5 items of either the Individual or Team Challenge listed below:

Staying Motivated – Individual

  • Sign a new member

  • Complete a certification

  • Update the National President on your goals or accomplishments from first trimester.

  • Enter into a speaking, writing or impromptu competition

  • Complete a DVA Transmittal report

Staying Motivated – Team (Chapter)

  • Work on an extension as a team

  • Participate in a chapter project and submit a report to the Programming library

  • Participate in a listening activity in your chapter

  • Sign 2 new members to your chapter

  • Post an activity on your Face book page