S.-Y. Simon Wang

Associate Professor of Climate

Utah State University, USA

A meteorologist by training, Simon's research involves climate diagnostics with emphases on climate variability, extreme events, and extending predictability.

Most Recent Publications

  • Tseng, W.-L., S.-Y. Wang, H.-H. Hsu, and J. D.D. Meyer, 2019: Intensification of the decadal activity in Equatorial Rossby Waves and linkage to changing tropical circulation. Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, in press (PDF)

  • Xu, C., W. An, S.-Y. Wang, Liang Yi et al., 2019: Increased drought events in Southwest China revealed by tree ring oxygen isotopes and potential role of Indian Ocean Dipole. Science of the Total Environment, in press (graphic abstract)

  • Coumou, D., G. Di Capua, S. Vavrus, L. Wang, and S.-Y. Wang (alphabetic), 2018: The influence of Arctic Amplification on mid-latitude summer circulation. Nature Communications, DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-05256-8 (PDF)

  • Wu, C.-H., W.-R. Huang, and S.-Y. Wang, 2018: Role of Indochina Peninsula Topography in Precipitation Seasonality over East Asia, Atmosphere (Special Issue on Monsoons), 9, 255; DOI: 10.3390/atmos9070255.

  • Wang, S.-Y., L. Zhao, J.-H. Yoon, P. Klotzbach, and R. R. Gillies, 2018: Attribution of climate effects on Hurricane Harvey’s extreme rainfall in Texas. Environmental Research Letters, DOI:10.1088/1748-9326/aabb85 (PDF).

  • Sun, Y., S.-Y. Wang, R. Li, B. Buckley, R. Gillies, and K. Hansen, 2018: Feasibility of Predicting Vietnam’s Autumn Rainfall Regime Based on Tree Ring Record and Decadal Variability. Climate (Special issue on Decadal Variability and Predictability of Climate), DOI:10.3390/cli6020042. (PDF)

  • Lin, Y.-H., and S.-Y. Wang, 2018: Multidecadal variability in the subseasonal peak of low-level convergence over the Pacific warm pool. Atmosphere (Special Issue on Monsoons), doi:10.3390/atmos9050158 (PDF).

  • Yoon, J.-H., S.-Y. Wang, M.-H. Lo, and W.-Y. Wu, 2018: Concurrent increases in wet and dry extremes projected in Texas and combined effects on groundwater. Environmental Research Letters, DOI: 10.1088/1748-9326/aab96b (PDF).

  • Fosu, B., S.-Y. Wang, K. Pegion, 2018: Synoptic and Climate Attributions of the December 2015 Extreme Flooding in Missouri, USA. Water, 10(4), 350; doi: 10.3390/w10040350 (PDF).

  • Wang, S.-Y., R. R. Gillies, O.-Y. Chung, and C. Shen, 2018: Cross-Basin Decadal Climate Regime connecting the Colorado River and the Great Salt Lake. Journal of Hydrometeorology, DOI:10.1175/JHM-D-17-0081.1 (PDF).

  • Li, R., S.-Y. Wang, R. R. Gillies, B. Buckley, J.-H. Yoon, and C. Cho, 2018: Regional trends in early-monsoon rainfall over Vietnam and CCSM4 attribution. Climate Dynamics, doi: 10.1007/s00382-018-4198-z (PDF).

  • Wu, C.-H., S.-Y. Wang, and H.-H. Hsu, 2018: Large-Scale Control of the Arabian Sea Monsoon Inversion in August. Climate Dynamics, DOI: 10.1007/s00382-017-4029-7 (PDF).