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Current Graduate Students:

Jacob Stuivenvolt Allen

Ph.D. studnet (NRT-CAS)

Matthew LaPlante

Ph.D. student (see TEDx Talk)

Krishna Borhara

Ph.D. student

Siiri Bigalke

Ph.D. student

Postdocs & Visiting Scholars:

Hongping Gu - postdoc


Binod Pokharel - postdoc

(2017- )

Lin Zhao - visiting scholar


Luthiene Dalanhes - visiting scholar


Previous graduate students:

Yen-Heng (Henry) Lin: Ph.D. 2018, currently at UCLA

Boniface Fosu

Ph.D. 🏆2018, currently in Georgia Tech

Yu-Tang Chien: M.S. 2019, currently at NCDR in Taipei

Avik Mukherjee

Ph.D. 2019

Henrik Panosyan

M.S. 2020 (NRT-CAS)

Danny Barandiaran PhD 🏆2016, currently at CPC/NOAA

Martin Schroeder (MS 2016), working at Utah State

Kirsti Hakala (MS 2014), now a postdoc in U of Melbourne

Parichart (Noi) Promchote

Ph.D. 2019, now a faculty in KU, Thailand

Previous postdocs and scholars:

Lunyu Shang - visiting scholar


Currently in Chinese Academy of Science (CDI)

Hao Chen - visiting scientist (2018-2019 )

Ramesh Kumar Yadav - visiting scientist IITM (2018-2019)

Wan-Ling Tseng - visiting scholar


Now in the Academia Sinica of Taiwan

Rong Li - postdoc


Now in Idaho Dept. Environmental Quality

Changrae Cho - postdoc


Chi-Chia Wang - visiting scholar (2019-2020)

Central Weather Bureau

Environment of our research building: