UST Blackboard
Tips and Tools

Start with your Department Chair

Each department is unique and may have a process for you to follow. Your department chair can start the process to get your, St Thom email, Blackboard access, and other resources, such as a department syllabus template or maybe online material for the course you will teach.

You can use Blackboard for all types of UST course delivery modes.

A decorative image of a woman serving in the role of department chair.

The UST CELT Website

The UST official university website links you to resources you can use for your online course.

On the homepage, a LOGIN drop-down menu has links that take you to your Faculty Center by clicking MYSTTHOM, and to your St Thom Webmail or Outlook email account.

You can access your Blackboard courses by clicking on BLACKBOARD on the menu to sign in.

This shows the login area of the UST website with the drop down menu open. It shows five links available for login - Blackboard, 2 emails and IT support. Mystthom gets you to HR and your Faculty Center.

The UST LOGIN drop-down menu offers
some quick access links.

Useful UST Links for Teaching Online

Blackboard Institutional Home Page - Reach this page on the UST website LOGIN. Add your UST ID (start of your email) and UST password.

UST IT Support - This page has live chat, phone numbers, and help desk tickets you can fill out. Use it when you have technical issues.

Registrar - for your students and for you to make sure they are correctly registered if there is an issue. (Example, your student can't see your course.)

Faculty Center Service - Use the UST home page LOGIN menu for MYSTTHOM. Log in, find the Faculty Center and check your Peoplesoft course roster to see the students enrolled in your course. Compare with your Blackboard course roster.

UST Doherty Library - Online services are available.