Service Records

As background, this project of creating the collection now housed at the museum began in 1990, when Frances Carey Kamakawiwoole Harriman, a former WAVE saw a notice in the American Legion Magazine that the "Eltoro WAVES were having a reunion. After making contact, and deciding to find the remainder of the 12 WAVES, she began an expensive and extensive records search. After purchasing the roster from BNRTC. Later in 1992 she had found 35 BNRTC WAVES and decided to start this database. In 2000, after the extensive effort and hard work, the database with the primary goal of aiding the connection between former ship and service mates was completed. Now we work on digitizing these records for preservation and ease of access. Many years later it is a pleasure to continue the work began by Frances Carey Kamakawiwoole, Co 52-76(W) BNRTC, Sept-Nov 1952, JX-NATTC, AN School, North Island, NAS MCAS Eltoro. Some records are those records which have are from microfilm rolls through a particular digitization service provided by ARCHSCAN Inc. The US Navy Log has graciously lent us access to their free records which are related to those who served here. The museum also has memberships to several research-related websites whose records will be displayed here through paid access.

For your reference the records in the first database are denoted with the following abbreviations:

  • NAVY - records from the Navy Log
  • PERM - permanent personnel records from the museums own collection
  • DUTY- assigned duty personnel records from the museums own collection
  • WAVE- wave personnel records specific to those who served at Bainbridge from the museums own collection


Due to the volume of records we have had to expand our database to include the following designations:

  • MICRO- records which have been read from microfilm rolls through Archscan Inc., and other partnerships
  • SHIP - records which reflect those who served aboard the USS Bainbridge whose namesake is the Bainbridge Base.

Please be aware that the data here has not been edited or formatted extensively, in order to preserve its integrity. If there are issues with any part of the data, please feel free to present these to the webmaster via the contact form. Use of any part or portion of these records is prohibited without explicit written permission from the museum. The fact that this data has not been extensively edited may mean that there will be duplicated or records with fundamental errors. We do our best to format them, but do not want to harm data integrity. These records are held securely, and access is limited to read only for website guest security. Forward all concerns to the webmaster and they will be addressed. Thank you for visiting.