Using Mouth Tape for Better Sleep

It may sound pretty bizarre move to reach to the roll of tape and using a piece of to shut the mouth by applying it over the closed lips. But there are some amazing health benefits of this mouth taping. Here, you may wonder if this habit can affect breathing process during night sleep. Well, you need to know that breathing from nose is the normal way of breathing. Mouth breathing is not normal.

Why it is important to mouth tape?

The natural way of breathing mainly involves nose breathing. However, our modern lifestyles have changed this distinction. If you are wondering why mouth breathing needs to be avoided, know this that mouth breathing can ultimately lead to increased heart rate, higher blood pressure, frequent allergic reactions, and lack of oxygenation of brain, lungs, heart and other vital organs in the inner body.

Another reason why nose breathing is important is that you need to nitric in your sinuses. When you breathe using your nose, you let the nitric oxide to be produced in 25% higher in amount as compared to the situation when you breathe suing your mouth. In other words, the ideal amount of nitric oxide is produced when you breathe from your nose. Breathe from your mouth and you are going to face the nitric oxide deficiency, which is never ideal for the growth of your body.

For those who do not know what nitric oxide does, it is the natural occurring chemical in the body that helps in memory and learning, blood pressure regulation, inflammation reduction, improvement in sleep quality, increase in endurance and strength, and betterment of immune system’s functionality.

Now there are amazing benefits of nose breathing if you do it for the most part of your night sleep.

  • You will feel like rested enough while getting up.
  • Your blood pressure will come to normal level. Hence, there will be reduced chances of heart attacks.
  • You will get reduction in anxiety and depression.
  • Your memory and ability to concentrate will improve.
  • Attention deficiency and hyperactivity will also reduce.
  • You will get relief from headache and other painful conditions.
  • You will be able to get your digestion improved and weight loss stimulated.
  • You immune system will improve its function.

One thing worth mentioning here is that you can use mouth taping as a way to determine if your sinuses are working well. If you are not able to breathe well using your nose and you use mouth tape in that condition, you will be able to know about your condition pretty quickly. The matter of fact is that the use of mouth tape can actually help you in getting rid of the sinus problems.

Apart from the use of mouth tape, it is essential to visit your dentist in order to get to know about the status of your oral and dental health in better way.