Retreat Registration

Step 1 - Register

Click here if you don't see the registration form above.

Step 2 - Check Your USF Email

We'll email you within a few days to confirm your registration.

Step 3 - Register for Course Credit

We kindly request that all members register for course credit. You can register for course credit on MyUSF under the 'Music' subject in the 'Look Up and Register for Classes' module. The band is listed as MUS 111-02 (CRN 41024).

Alternatively, you can register at the start of each semester via an add/drop form, provided by your advisor or at Monday Night Rehearsals. You may register for 0, 1, or 2 units of credit.

Please note: This is not a requirement to join band or attend Retreat, but we highly recommend it. Each semester, almost every Band member registers for course credit. Baring scheduling conflicts, we suggest you register to receive credit for your participation in the Dons Band.

Step 4 - Intro Letter & Retreat Fee

      1. Submit your Introduction Letter & Photo via email.
      2. Pay your $25 Retreat fee (payable online or by check).

*Note: Your introduction letter isn't a college essay! We just want to learn a little bit about you. Make it fun and interesting.

Step 5 - Mark Your Calendars

Plan to arrive at USF that morning.

You only need to apply for housing via SHaRE. If you haven't applied already, you can apply for housing here.

  • Mid-August - Retreat begins with early move-in!
  • Friday, August 17 - Retreat ends
  • Tuesday, August 21 - Classes begin

Our Faculty Director Joseph Lares will notify Student Housing (SHaRE) of your early move-in date.

We will email you additional move-in instructions in late July.

Step 5 - Join our Facebook Recruitment Group

We set up this group specifically for our incoming recruits to ask questions and get answers from current band members.

Come ask us any questions you have about band or college, we know lots of stuff.

Questions ?

Want to ask us something directly? Feel free to contact us with any questions: