Retreat 2018 Details

What Is Retreat Week?

Retreat is our annual band camp for new and returning band members. It's several days of music, fun, and activities, the week before fall semester begins.

What is the Dons Band?

The USF Dons Band is a 30-member college pep band that performs at campus, community, and athletic events throughout the academic year. Learn More >>

What Will We Do at Retreat?

During Retreat, we go over all the basics of being in the USF Band:

Music – You'll have the chance to work with your section, rehearse with the whole band, and learn all of the exciting new music we’ll play throughout the year. By the end of Retreat you'll be ready to perform with the band.

Activities – Retreat is the perfect time to discover USF and the City. We plan multiple activities during Retreat designed to get everyone exploring campus and the city.

Social Events – Retreat is a great opportunity for you to meet your fellow band members and socialize during group meals, instrument sectionals, and special evening events! Each night of Retreat we gather for social and team building activities.

Early Move-In - Attending Retreat gives you the privilege to move-in to your dorm early and make connections with other students before the school year begins!

You'll end the week with new friends, know your way around campus, and you'll be a full-fledged Dons Band member. So if you're interested in joining the Band, plan to attend Retreat!

Photos from Past Retreats >

What's the Purpose of Retreat?

Retreat revolves around introducing new band members to the Dons Band, and focuses on getting them acclimated to how we operate.

Retreat is designed to:

  1. Quickly teach new members our music and traditions.
  2. Give new members an opportunity to make new friends.
  3. Help new members familiarize yourself with USF before classes begin.

During Retreat we hold music rehearsals, break out into section rehearsals, play a ton of games, socialize, and eat pizza. The program is designed around introducing you to the band and your instrumental section, helping you get to know us, and acclimating you to life at USF.

When Is Retreat?

Retreat is in mid-August (the week before fall semester begins)

All new and returning band members living on-campus in the fall should plan to arrive at USF ready to move-in on the first day of Retreat. After move-in, band members and their families are invited to attend Retreat Orientation that afternoon.

Students living off-campus will need to arrange their own housing during Retreat. Off-campus band members should plan on participating in all the same Retreat activities as on-campus members, including Retreat Orientation and group meals.

What If I'm Not Sure I Want to Do Band?

That's ok. Some people tell themselves "I'm not going to do band in college" when they graduate from high school.

It's still a good idea to attend Retreat. Here's why:

  1. The USF Band is very different than high school band. The USF Band is a student-led college pep band, not a corp-style marching band.
  2. At Retreat you'll meet some great people, learn your way around campus, and you get to move-in early.
  3. Retreat is before classes begin, making it the best time to give the USF Band a try.
  4. If you later decide our band just isn't your thing (which we doubt will happen), or if you're too busy with classes, at least you gave it a try, right?

We find that people who had a bad experience in high school band are hesitant to join in college. Don't let that deter you from trying us out! You'll find that we're nothing like your high school band.

How Do I Sign Up?

Sample Retreat Schedule

Our typical Retreat schedule. Please note that this is a sample schedule from 2017, and it may change in 2018.

Retreat Schedule