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What We Do!

We are a non profit organisation set up by volunteers who aim to prevent edible food being sent to landfill every week. This food is exactly the same quality as food delivered to the supermarkets but for various reasons, it never reaches the shelves.

Our shop makes sure that this food ends up being eaten and not destroyed, helping the environment, and saving our members money!

How Does It Work

Use Ya Loaf is a surplus food store. Membership is £2 per year, renewed every October. You can become a member either instore or online (see link at the bottom of the page). Your membership entitles you to shop with us twice a week (we limit visits to allow everybody a fair bite of the apple).

As a redistribution food outlet, we use a coloured sticker system instead of a traditional pricing system, which is explained fully when you visit the shop.

Our minimum spend is £3 per visit, with no maximum spend.

Membership for only £2/yr

Fill in the Membership Registration Form below or register when you come into our shop! And it is only £2 for a year!