Usd Negotiations Information 2019

You can't put students first if you keep putting teachers last.

Union school district Teachers need your support!

Union School District teachers are working harder than ever, and we are asking for fair salaries for our work.

Teachers are being asked to do more and more. While district revenues have increased year after year, our salaries have decreased in the percentage of the district's budget total outgo.

Teachers are creating and implementing increasingly complex curriculum, and are not given time to prepare our lessons. Some curriculums include Eureka Math, Edu Protocols and Guided Reading, Writer's Workshop, and Words Their Way Spelling and word patterns. Union school district teachers are among the few districts in Santa Clara County that do not have prep time.

Teachers continue to experience steady increases to class size annually.

Teachers are expected to mainstream or fully include Special Education students into these already increased class sizes without support and resources to ensure success for all students.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can get involved, please visit our "How to Help" tab to learn what you can do to support your local teachers.

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