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Welcome to the Civil rights Movement Research Guide!

This research guide was created to assist students in finding resources for the SJSU AFAM 134 course: Civil Rights Movement in the United States. You can use this guide as a starting point for research projects assigned over the course of the semester.

Most of the resources featured in this guide can be accessed through San Jose State University's King Library catalog: OneSearch.

The Civil Rights Movement Research guide

The civil rights movement is arguably one of the most transformative periods in United States history. Many of the Political, social and cultural norms in the U.S. were completely altered though the dedication and struggle of the men, women and children who participated in this movement often at great risk to their safety and livelihoods.

Studying this period of U.S. history is an important step in understanding many of the current movements and ideas which are shaping the world in which we currently live. This guide can serve as a resource which can help you locate sources of information about this era which can enrich and add depth to the research projects and papers required for this course.

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