Why to activate the Roku device?

Yes! It is after activating activation; the users can download the channels from the Roku channel store and activate them for streaming purposes. The Roku.com/link  code will be on the TV screen once after linking it to the network and updating it to its current version. This link code must be provided on Roku.com/link, and at last, you have to log in with the Roku account to finish the activation process.

Crisp steps to activate Roku

At first, execute the hardware connection.

Next, pair the Roku remote with the device.

Obtain the Roku activation code

Ensure to build the Roku account.

Visit Roku.com/link to activate the device.

Installation of the Roku device:

Following instructions can guide the users with the hardware connection of the Roku device:

At first, using the power cord that came along the box.

Attach one port of the cable to the Roku device and the other port to the power outlet.

Link the HDMI cord to the Roku device and then to the TV’s HDMI port.

Now, power on the TV and select the HDMI input of the Roku device.

After that, open the slot and insert the battery into the remote.

Next, they will start to pair automatically.

Secondly, turn on the Roku device and let the Roku logo appear.

Moreover, a prompt will come up, asking to set the language and display.

Go to the Settings and select Display to opt for the display settings.

Wait until the frames are active.

Thirdly, select Settings, and then navigate to the Network settings tab.

Similarly, the Roku device will search for the wireless network, choose yours, and key in the credentials.

This notifies the network connection status.

And then, the Roku device updates to its newest version and brings up the Roku.com/link code.

After linking the Roku device to the internet, the Roku activation code will come up on the TV screen and initiate the activation process via Roku.com/link. 

Roku activation issues:

Why is the Roku activation site link is not working?

The steps below can assist the users in preventing and solving the Roku com link not working problem:

At first, verify whether you are reaching the correct activation page, which is Roku.com/link.

Next, ensure to use a stable internet to complete the Roku activation.

Moreover, detach and reattach the Roku device to the network.

After that, make use of any other browser to reach the activation site.

Finally, try to execute the correct activation steps once again.

How to stop the Roku activation errors?

The solutions below can help you to fix the Roku activation errors:

First of all, provide the correct Roku link code into the Roku.com/link.

After that, verify whether you are giving the correct credentials of the Roku account.

Moreover, use a premium and better quality HDMI cable to use with Roku.

Ensure to make use of the option wireless.

At last, check the cable ports and double check to attach the cable firmly.

And check whether the Roku activation error persists.

If you want to know how to set up and activate Roku via Roku.com/link 



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