About Us

Urban Custom Fabrication is owned and operated by Justin and Sheryl Urban. It's a family business built with a desire to provide quality work, while providing outstanding customer service. We have high expectations of our vendors and dealers, just like you have high expectations of us. You deserve to receive what you pay for, and we will strive to make sure you have the best experience possible when working with our company.

Justin has been a custom fabricator for over 20 years. He started out helping his grandparents with their RV sales and repair shop in Soda Springs, ID. He later worked for his dad in his tool store. After that, he perfected his welding and mechanical skills in his dads trailer and truck sales and repair shop at MSS Trailers and Trucks. After moving to Pocatello, he decided to branch out on his own, and Urban Custom Fabrication was born.

We have recently been invited by SEMA to participate in the 2019 SEMA Launch Pad competition being held in Las Vegas, NV this year! Justin has designed a flatbed that could revolutionize the industry. Here's a snip from their website:

"UCF’s industry changing aluminum flatbed has interlocking pieces that bolt together in an at home or professional garage. The bed can be shipped to their door for a DIY project or fabrication shops can save on inventory costs because it fits most platforms. Its sturdy, durable, and a clean design."

We are truly blessed to have this opportunity and couldn't be more appreciative. To help us get further in the competition, we would like to ask you to vote for us via Facebook. We will post the link once voting begins on July 29th. Thank you to each of you that follows us on Facebook and Instagram and continues to support us on this very exciting journey. We could not do this without each one of you! For more information about the Sema Launch Pad Competition, click here.