Online Urban Economics Seminar

Online Spatial and Urban Seminar (new series for Summer 2020)

There will be an Online Spatial and Urban Seminar (OSUS) in the summer of 2020.

Archived Schedule (Spring 2020)

I will maintain this list for posterity. All seminars were held at 12pm Noon EDT (11am CDT).

Format and Organizational Information

  • Seminars were 45 minutes long with 15 minutes for discussion.

  • Seminars were not recorded.

  • Seminar was organized by Christopher Severen for the urban economics community. How talks were selected: I invited a couple of talks, and created a pool of potential talks based on papers that I found interesting from Jonathan Dingel's Spatial JMC weblist and people that had emailed me to volunteer. I randomized a rank-ordering of people and asked them in order of ranking.

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