Galaxy Suckers

Number of players

2-4 players

Playing time

30-60 min

Recommended age

+10 years

You are the last remains of a destroyed galaxy far far away. Your mission is to build a new galaxy using your fearsome galaxy sucking technology. Use your wormholes to transfer the planets from other galaxies, but be quick there seems to be other survivors doing the same thing.

To win the game you need to place as many of your survivors as possible in the new galaxy, but remember that all survivors need to eat. On the other hand moving your wormholes will cost energy so you need to keep your fuel cells filled and you could really use some of the new technologies.

Take tiles from a central galaxy into your own galaxy, earning points and resources for adjacency in regards to already existing tiles.


  • 81 planets - Hexagon tiles (9 starting, 18/player)
  • 4 player boards
  • 1 central board
  • 8 wormholes - 2 per/player, one for local galaxy and one for global galaxy
  • 4 food - Green wooden discs
  • 12 population - Plastic minis in 3 colors, (wooden discs?)
  • 1 galaxy - first player token
  • 30 energy - triangular tokens
  • 30 science - blue wooden cubes
  • 18 technologies