UPTIME Beats downtime, everytime

Uptime Games

We are a board game design studio with the long term goal of creating great fun!

Who are we?

Henrik and Magnus, two Swedes that really enjoy the creative process of board game design. Both of us have regular jobs but dream of a future where we can spend more of our time in the board game industry.

What can we do for you?

If you are a publisher: We don't publish games ourselves so if you are a publisher and are interested in any of our games, please let us know! Don't hesitate to suggest changes to theme and mechanics as we know that you might want to aim at a specific target audience!

If you are a designer: Maybe we can collaborate on something? Play testing, rules reading or simply helping each other reach our audience.

If you are a board gamer: Let us know if you want to help out play test? Like our facebook page or sign up for our email list so you get information on our upcoming work.

Or just say hi and interact with us.

Our plans for the future:

We have a lot of work in progress, projects in different stages of readiness - just waiting for the right publisher.