Welcome to the 2021 Upper Valley Virtual Employment Fair!

Brought to you by Creative Workforce Solutions & our Partners

The 2021 Virtual Upper Valley Employment Fair will be coming Fall of 2021, more information and details will be available soon!

While some similar community events have begun returning in person, this event takes about nine months to plan and put together, which would have needed to begin in January of 2021. At that time, our committee had no idea if an in-person event would be possible or safe to host. We didn't get the greenlight for in-person events until June of 2021 and simply wouldn't have been able to put together a quality event for jobseekers and employers alike in that shortened amount of time. However, stay tuned, as we are hoping to have a few smaller in-person events to supplement our virtual fair this year--more to come on that. We are hopeful that we will be able to return fully in-person in 2022!

Information, recordings, resources, and more from our 2020 virtual fair are also archived here on our site. To view recordings of our past live events, visit our "live events" and "archived 2020 events" page above. You can also learn more about employers who have participated by visiting their individual pages, however, please keep in mind that listed or shared opportunities may no longer be available. We encourage you to reach out to each employer individually to find out more about current openings.

You can also follow us on Facebook for updates, events, and more! www.facebook.com/uppervalleyemploymentfair

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