Upper Deal Bridge Club

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Unfortunately with several members away or committed to other events it is clear that there would not be enough people to warrant bridge on Friday 26th July at the Landmark Centre and we have cancelled it . There will be bridge on the 2nd August.

Welcome to the Upper Deal Bridge Club

We are a small friendly club that plays duplicate bridge at the Landmark Centre in Deal High Street every Friday at 7.00p.m.

We usually play between 24 and 27 boards and ask that players are ready by 6.55p.m. so that we can make a prompt start. We are not EBU registered and therefore we do not award master points.

If you require a partner please contact Mike Burney on 01304852686 or by email mbc@argys.co.uk

To have a look at an interesting hand that ocurred earlier this year scroll down.

This interesting hand was the first hand Bill and Elaine played at the ABC Bridge Club on the first meeting of the 2019. They were North South and both sides were vulnerable. The dealer was West and opened a weak 12-14 1NT. Bill with only 10 points but 7 tricks in clubs doubled. Elaine with 10 points was very happy to pass.

Bill led the ten of clubs. When dummy went down with its 8 points Elaine could see work out the whole hand. She started by throwing the two of spades on Bill’s ten of clubs lead, followed by the four clearly stating don’t lead a spade. She then threw the four small hearts lowest first l don’t want a heart lead and for her seventh and final discard she threw the 10 of diamonds demanding a diamond lead declarer had discarded a couple of small diamonds so she could spare the ten. So after Bill had taken his 7 club tricks Elaine took her 5 diamond tricks and the Ace of Hearts. So declarer did not make a single trick and thus Bill as North was able to write down the score of plus 2000 on the traveller.

Of course not everyone would double with only 10 points, but Bill knew that 1nt was going at least one off for a score of 200. Also Elaine was quick to work out when dummy went down that because declarer held 12/14 she held 10 dummy held 8 and Bills double showed at least 7 certain trick and they looked like he had seven or more clubs to AKQJT so that was some quick counting on her behalf. She had to make certain that she threw the right cards and in the right order to give Bill the clear signal that when he finished his clubs Elaine needed a diamond lead.

Bill reckons he has played over half a million hands in his lifetime. He is certain that this is the first time that he has ever been at the table when declarer has not won a single trick.