On this site you will find information about our statewide water monitoring project. This information includes an interactive map, recent news and events and information about our partners and collaborators throughout the state.

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Every participant should be entered as a separate form, including adult chaperones. Please contact Upham Woods or your local organizer for more information.

Upcoming Events

  • Escuela Verde Visit = April 21st
  • Washburn High School Stream Monitoring Kickoff = April 26th
  • Camp Salem (La Crosse) Youth Water Monitoring Event = May 25 - 26

Recent News and Events

April 21, 2017

Mississippi River Monitoring Event

Youth from La Crosse School District explored their local waterway at Houska Park. They discovered that it was difficult to find macro invertebrates in the flood waters. They also explored the weather and soil conditions. Keep up the great monitoring efforts!

Project Information

Upham Woods and their partners have been awarded a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Education Local Grant Program (Grant no. EPA-00E02045). This grant will support two years of DOTS implementation with a focus on local water quality.

Collaborators in this project include:

  • Escuela Verde
  • Urban Ecology Center - Menomonee Valley Branch
  • The School District of La Crosse
  • The Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation of Northland College
  • Ashland and Bayfield County Extension

To learn more about our collaborators, check out the Partners and Collaborators page for bio sketches, pictures and updates on current projects.

For more information contact

Dr. Justin Hougham

Director, Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center