Stairathon 2018

Our athletes face significant financial barriers that limit participation (trail fees, racing fees, uniform costs, travel fees, etc.) and the Stairathon is a fun way to help support team expenses. You'll also get to see our athletes run an insane amount of stairs!

For the first time in decades, uOttawa will send a team to the Ontario University Nordic Ski Championships in February and Stairathon funds will help support athletes on this trip. Donating is quick, convenient, and tax deductible through uOttawa.

We will host the Stairathon on November 18 at the Sappers Staircase and under the West arch of the beautiful Plaza Bridge and adjacent stairs. uOttawa Nordiq athletes will run up (and down) stairs for 60 minutes.

Please consider offering costume, dance, and song ideas to uOttawa Nordiq athletes (see roster here) make the event more fun, and consider supporting our team by filling out the form below.

Stairathon 2018 Requests & Challenges


SARAH: run stairs while singing Mellow Yellow

ZEKE: doing all the voices of Queen singing Bohemian Rhapsody and wearing a feather boa or 80's aerobics outfit

ZEKE & EVAN: Stair rep backwards in tutus .

NATHALIE: With arms upraised, every start, landing and finish, Yell at top of lungs, "My parents are the best!" (and we want in on video)

NATHALIE: Recite the poem "one of smart fellow, he felt smart"

ELODIE: pull out some cool gymnastic moves (either before or after the reps, not while running, pls don't hurt yourself <3).

SHAYNA & KATHERINE: Run around asking everyone else for gloves, start line frenzy.

EVAN: listen to Street Spirit (Fade Out)

EVAN, ZEKE, LIAM PK: Just have fun, stay safe, and maybe chant I love stairs ;)

NATHAN or another team mate dressed as a fireman carrying an axe and fire extinguisher!

EVAN: Choose some hip hop music and dance for 1 minute.


  • If anyone plays a portable instrument, (such as a harmonica, saxophone, or kazoo) they should play it for a rep.
  • Two people can pair up and draw portraits of each other as they run, or write a poem for each other, and whoever has the best drawing or poem can make the other do x amount of pushups at the top.
  • As for song requests, if a group could sing "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls that would really spice up my life.
  • For COSTUMES, I'd love to see some 80s inspired workout gear, leg warmers are good this time of year. Thank you! Have fun guys!
  • Smile
  • Each athlete complete a set of burpees (# of reps determined by each athlete) when he/she gets to the top of the stairs.

TEGAN must braid her hair like Pippi Longstocking's and skip up the stairs

ZVONI: Run up stairs at work singing "I will survive"

ZVONI: Run up Parliament stairs to Rocky tunes

ZEKE Williams must convince the entire team to do a mime race , all the way up stairs, and with a gross amount of cheating and foul play. Extra points if there is a twist winner at the end!

The video should be accompanied by the theme song to "Chariots of Fire"

Training video =========>>

NATHALIE: Sing chorus of "We are the champions" at the top of the stairs in Freddie Mercury Style (grab a few friends - this will be epic)

NATHALIE: dressed as Edna Mode . Shouting ‘ No capes ‘ at start finish and each set of steps in between

NATHALIE: Sing 🎤 Stairway to Heaven while climbing the stair

NATHALIE: Get a video doing that thing from the Office

Scenes from our 2017 Stairathon!