Our 2018-19 Team

Kate Liang, Collegiate

UMSST President

Akemi Tsutsumi, Collegiate

UMSST VP of Internal Relations

Sonja Konzen, Collegiate

UMSST VP of Finance

Kailyn Geter, Collegiate

UMSST VP of External Relations

Karissa Kao, Collegiate

UMSST VP of Travel and Competition

Kallan Roan, Collegiate

Kayla Coalmer, Open Collegiate, Training Collegiate

Liza Pritchard, Collegiate

Kelsey Philipps, Collegiate

Samantha Goldberg, Collegiate

Cornelia Redd, Collegiate

Anastasia Worthy, Collegiate

Reilly Philipps, Collegiate

Allyson Taylor, Collegiate

Samantha Lamb, Collegiate

Claire Gruenberg, Collegiate

Gabrielle Healy,


Camille Grace, Collegiate

Taylor Tison, Collegiate

Alyssa Bremner, Open Collegiate

Kara Helgemo, Open Collegiate

Kylee Andrew, Open Collegiate

Jess Kaplan, Open Collegiate

Rachel Eisner, Open Collegiate

Cielle Waters-Umfleet, Open Collegiate

Rose Beck, Open Collegiate

Amy Luo, Open Collegiate