Weekly Faith Studies: Quiet Time (Oct. 3rd)

  • What: UCCC Faith Studies with Weekly Speakers
  • When: Every Wednesday - this week on October 3rd 2018
  • Time: 5:30PM to 6:30PM
  • Where: UofC Large Prayer Room (MSC 317A)

How do I balance my faith life and my study/work life?

How can I serve God as a young adult? What does it mean to serve for me?

How do I improve my personal relationship with God?

What is the importance of Mass as Catholics? Why should we go to Mass?

What is the church's perspective on sex?

Join UCCC every Wednesday starting on September 26th 2018 as we delve into teachings, scriptures, and the catechism of the church to find answers to these questions that we face everyday. Every week UCCC will be bringing in a guest speaker to touch on all these common but very real issues so that we can live out our Christian life to the fullest.

Everyone is invited, however, some topics may be advanced for those who have not learnt much about the Catholic Faith yet.

Make sure to invite your friends as we all learn and grow together in our Catholic faith.

NOTE: We always head to the Den (restaurant on campus) for wings night after! Everyone is invited!

This week's topic is on Quiet Time by Anthony Banka!

Anthony Banka is married and has two adult children. He has been active with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal for 10 years, and is the current chairperson for the CCCRS (Calgary Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services). Being baptized in the Spirit and engaged in the Charismatic Renewal has been life transformative. As such, he desires and likes to minister to those he meets and share with others what it has meant for him to be in an intimate relationship with Jesus. Additionally, Anthony loves to provide music ministry, and on a day to day basis is the manager of Men's Counselling Service, a program that works with family and relationship violence.