UCCC Faith Seminar: Theology of Dating by Fr. Cristino (Mar. 13th)

  • What: UCCC Faith Seminar
  • When: Wednesday - March 13th
  • Time: 5:30PM
  • Where: UofC - Large Prayer Room (MSC 317)

A Theology of Dating? Come out to our next faith seminar on Wednesday, March 13 @ 5:30PM to find out what exactly this means.

We are privileged to welcome Father Cristino as he espouses to what is a very counter-cultural way of what it means to be "dating". We are often misled by the norm of how our modern world views dating and suffer from its harmful consequences. The hope of this faith seminar is to help this generation adopt the truth of what constitutes as dating and to equip you with the knowledge to effectively lead yourself and your partner to a healthy marriage.

As usual, join us afterwards for wings night at The Den!