Other associated research group


Research group in software engineering, development methodologies, SW testing, evolution and maintenance of SW and software development tools.

Head teacher: Jairo Hernán Aponte Melo

Email: jhapontem@unal.edu.co

Web site:


Research group in programming languages, design of languages, compilers, domain specific system languages, gramatics, source code manipulation and implementation and software metrics optimization.

Head teacher: Felipe Restrepo Calle

Email: ferestrepoca@unal.edu.co

Web site:


The lab´s research focuses on machine learning and its applications. We are interested in the foundations of machine learning and how it is used to solve challenging problems.

Head teachers: Fabio Gonzalez O.

Email: fagonzalezo@unal.edu.co

Jorge Eliecer Camargo Mendoza.

Email: jecamargom@unal.edu.co

Web site:


Work group of students from de research group in cybersecurity Tlon, wants to pose methods of study and divulgation of security concerns in the community.

Head teachers: Jorge Eduardo Ortiz Triviño, Oscar Agudelo Rojas

Email: jeortizt@unal.edu.co

Email: oagudelor@unal.edu.co

Web site: