Incoming events and presentations

Second cybersecurity event JCUN 2019 Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Artificial inmune system for intrusion detection

By Juan Jesús Pulido

Data sets for intrusion detection with machine learning in software defined networks

By Juliana Arévalo

Password guessing using machine learning

By Michael Guerrero, Christian Ortíz

Computational model for automatic detection of malicious URLs using machine learning

By Nicolas Ricardo Enciso

Events 2020

  1. State of the art obfuscation by Leonardo Escobar - 14th/09/2020.

  2. Augmented reality participatory planning by Dilver Huertas - 21th/09/2020.

  3. Android malware detection by John Erick Halford - 28th/09/2020.

  4. Phishing Detection by Daniel Barreiro - 5th/10/2020.

  5. IDS with machine learning by Juliana Arevalo - 19th/10/2020.

  6. Model for validation of COL documents by Andres Diaz Hernandez - 26th/10/2020.

  7. (k,j) algorithm obfuscation and Hilbert spaces by Leonardo Escobar - 9th/11/2020.

  8. Augmented reality participatory planning by Dilver Huertas - 23th/11/2020.

  9. State of the art industrial IoT by Nicolas Enciso - 30th/11/2020.

  10. Blockchain by Salomon Cadena.

Events 2021


March 8th

  1. Digital medical records using Blockchain by Salomon Cadena.

  2. Modus Operandi TeamTNT by Juan Jesús Pulido