"The Children's Art Gallery of Greece" organises the "SDGs CREATIVE ACTION PROJECT" to connect and engage children and youth in the SDGs through the creative arts.

A complete educational and cultural programme for children aiming at empowering and involving the young generation in the SDGs. The flourishment of the SDGs dialogue within the young generation is encouraged by an open invitation to every child from 4 to 18 years from around the world to engage in the SDGs and create artworks inpired by them.

Based on the foundations of education (learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together, and learning to be), the "SDGs Creative Action Initiative" is a pioneering project, which as a collaborative joint construction, it acts as a mechanism for collecting, recording, preserving and transferring information and knowledge about the SDGs by the children and to the children. The communication of children’s creativity acts as a varied inspirational platform for children's art production. An open dialogue between archival practice and children's visual production, bringing to the fore the modern childhood thinking, the concerns and prospects of the new generation of our world, reinforcing the interpretation of the past, the deeper understanding of the present and the shaping of the future.

The nurture of children’s art via an online web platform comprising an educational art-based outreach programme and a digital art gallery. The cultivation of children’s artistic creation is founded on an innovative dual framework incorporating the education of children on art via a motivating outreach programme and the presentation of the children’s artworks in an online digital cross-border art gallery. Regardless of their background, all children are invited to participate in a celebration of art, where each child’s contribution composes the framework for learning about and creating art.

The SDGs are inherent to this initiative since it meets unmet social, educational and cultural needs: Crucial to the success of the initiative is to follow the children’s own interests and practices, rather than authoritatively foist a formal practice on to them. By forging a strong partnership with the children, the art education, the creation and the presentation of art is infused with rich, comprehensive, imaginative and relevant elements. The children are the architects of the initiative, which aims to achieve together with the children and not simply for them. Eager to explore what springs from the children’s own initiative, it constructs an attractive landscape with relevant, participative, empowering and rewarding activities.

The initiative is three-dimensional, embracing in a complete circle the three stages of the children’s involvement in the SDGs: information-creation-presentation. On the first stage of informing children, the e-learning flexibility of the educational programme introduces each child to all the SDGs, creating the dynamics behind an inclusive environment with equal opportunities and benefits for all children. On the second stage of the art creation, the establishment of a respectful and praising culture towards the children’s artistic enterprises will break the notion that the children’s art is immature, naïve, and “childish”. On the third and final stage of the art presentation, great prominence is given to individuality by providing a custom-built dedicated space for each child to exhibit their unique creations.

Adorned with youthful artwork, the foundation of a cross-border, widely accessible, online data base/art gallery with the central theme of the SDGs, will tell the stories of the children around the world. Ideally structured to enable all children, regardless of their social, financial and cultural background to be fully immersed in all the three stages related to art (education, creation, presentation), the web platform knows no geographical or time limitations for its total function, since it can benefit children anywhere and anytime. The web-based initiative will ensure every child has the opportunity to learn about, enjoy and participate directly in the SDGs.

When it comes to art creation, an incentive system (awards, personal exhibition space) for consistent and effective participation, mobilises each child to become an active part of the artistic creation process. The newly found freedom unlocks the children’s fresh talent and liberates their spontaneous expression.

The final and most rewarding part of the process is the presentation of the final art product. Children are filled with confidence, determination and gratification when their artwork is widely appreciated, and they are recognized as artists with a concrete contribution in shaping the artistic and cultural scene in their communities. And by inspiring communities to celebrate the artful creativity of their children, it forges powerful bonds with the SDGs and strengthens people's involvement in them.

The principal hallmark of the programme is openness, with its widespread, decentered, globilised impact. The young generation is offered the opportunity to experience the SDGs beyond the confinements of their local communities and national borders. The advanced technology inherent in the programme liberates children from their national boundaries, placing the emphasis on the individual making his/her effort to better the world, through the achievement of the SDGs.

Creating new bonds between the younger generation, of sharing, learning about, presenting the SDGs through art, contributes to the expansion of a common effort to achieve the SDGs and the invention of a fair, open to all, cross-border path to the future.

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