Personalized, meaningful ceremonies for Jewish and interfaith weddings

Do any of these apply to you and your partner?

  • You're interested in designing a wedding ceremony that combines the respective traditions of both you and your partner.
  • You don't belong to a synagogue or temple but it's important to you to have a Jewish wedding.
  • You'd like to incorporate elements of a traditional Jewish wedding, but you aren't familiar with the laws and customs .
  • You'd like to create something that integrates ancient traditions with a fresh new perspective.
  • You and/or your partner are a secular Jew, but you'd like to find a way to honor your traditions without compromising your identity.

"[Before we met Evan] we didn't really know how to make [our] ceremony personal and meaningful. Evan was really helpful during our brainstorming session and threw out some great ideas for us to consider, while never pushing us to do anything that we didn't feel represented us or the feeling we were aiming for."


"Throughout the whole process, it felt like a true collaboration... that helped [us to] reconnect with aspects of our Jewish life that we don't always have the chance to explore together.

"Evan integrated new traditions with ancient traditions and inspired creativity and meaning for the wedding couple."


"Spending time with Evan made me want to get more in touch with my Jewish tradition. Evan's take on Judaism may allow [my wife and I] to become closer to it."


"You brought a real light to our wedding that we won't forget. People kept telling us after the wedding how genuine and beautiful they found the ceremony."