dr. ames

Doctor of Psychology

Maui, Hawai'i | Palm Springs, California

With a little bit of aloha...

Life, love, leisure and wellness coaching in a relaxed cultural way! Let's face it, there is a little aloha (breath of life) in all of us and this spirit breathes magnitudes to our human experience. I'll take you on an adventure with unltd.dev coaching and consultative services. This will challenge you to push through creative barriers with calculated precision.

I believe life is a harmonious balance of complementary forces. This force of life, impetus, is what keeps us moving forward. This life is a life, however, well lived. The choice on how well we want to live it is all up to us. Unltd.dev personal and professional consultative services is your NEXT LEVEL brand for performance enhancement and process improvement. I provide these services in a very eclectic and multi-disciplinary way.

Originally founded on the Island of Maui in Hawai'i, unltd.dev consultative services brings a unique perspective to personal and professional development that maximizes human potential. I approach complex problems with simple solutions. From work-life balance to business process re-engineering my team and I got you covered.

I specialize in the evaluation of processes to help you socially engineer approaches of efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity by leveraging the strengths of your human qualities. I believe this style and approach sets unltd.dev apart from all the other practices. Ready to take that leap?

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