Intelligent and Guided Access for Mac

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Native Mac Lock Support

Companion iOS App

Take Control of your Privacy

Know when an app secretly uses your Microphone or Camera when you are not using your Mac

Siri Shortcuts

Lock and Unlock your Mac with Siri


When someone tries to access your Mac Unlock locks your Mac with Native Lock and send you a notification on your iPhone

Coming in next Release

Police Siren

Keep your Mac secure in Public places. Unlocks makes your Mac play siren in highest volume when someone tries to disconnect the charger or closes the lid of your Mac.

Coming in next Release


Set status on Lock Screen

Coming in next Release

Remotely Kill sound and Brightness

Coming in next Release

Apple Watch Companion App

Coming in next Release

Common Questions

1. How is this different than other proximity lock solutions?

  • We have experimented with some other proximity solutions, and came to conclusion that they are not so reliable. Unlock focuses on reliability and peace of mind while being very simple to use. So simple that you never have to manually use it once you install. We focus on use cases that really matter in day-to-day use making it seamless. While using Unlock you never see your Mac locked, while others find it locked.

2. Does it not work with the standard MacOS locking mechanism?

  • Update - Now Unlock works with Standard MacOS locking mechanism!
  • We investigated this quite a while and it turned out automating standard macOS lock and unlock is prone to security risks because it required getting user password. Unlock does not try to automate standard macOS lock and unlock and implements its own locking mechanism that we think is as secure. Also, when you are using Unlock it is recommended to turn your Mac's default sleep and auto-lock settings off for a seamless experience.

3. Does it work with android phones?

  • It does not currently, but you could always request for it in the comment section. If there is high demand we could make this work.

4. This is basically like the builtin Mac OS solution for unlocking with the Apple Watch, but instead to allow unlocking with an iPhone?

  • It's a little bit different than Apple Watch unlock. Unlock basically gives you peace of mind when you often forget to lock your Mac or close the lid to lock it. If you are using Unlock you are basically changing your routine to never having to lock or unlock your Mac and still be super confident about your privacy on Mac. While using Unlock you never see your Mac locked, while others find it locked.

5. How do I Pair with my iPhone to use Smart Unlock?

  • Setting up smart Unlock is really easy, just keep your iOS device near your Mac and select the device that pops up. We bet you will be amazed how reliable and seamless this can be while being extremely secure.

6. How to change the password?

7. Where do I type the password there is not password field when Mac is locked with Unlock?

  • Unlock does not use a password field. Instead you can just type the password on the keyboard (case sensitive) and your Mac gets Unlocked. We think that it becomes very simple to unlock if there is no password field to point to before typing the password.