How to Turn Unlinked Brand Mentions into Links

It is very important to monitor the web for mention of your brand. Brand mention is the most recent buzz in digital marketing. It is very vital to pay attention to them and take advantage of too. This is the very best way of building an effective link as well as your online reputation.

Importance of link building

  • It gives your brand a personality. People will get a better understanding of your brand.
  • They are new opportunities for your link campaign. You will get to interact with societies and people who are attracted to your brand.
  • It strengthens the reputation of your brand

Many brand supporter events reveal employee achievements or run press releases. This approach offers them an opportunity that utilizes less time in link building than if they were to start from the beginning. This link building tactic will not only save them time but also add value to the reader and publication that mentioned the brand.

How to turn unlinked brand mentions into links

Turning brand mentions to links is one the stress-free and most operative link building tactics that exist. There are several steps to follow to build an effective link;

Sign up for Google alerts and find unlinked brand mentions

Google search becomes handy and of help when you are trying to change brand mentions into links. There are several tools that can help you find unlinked brand mentions.

Set up backlink alerts to get day-to-day publication

Backlinks are the sites that link to your site, in most cases they are the ultimate ranking factors.

Set up brand mentions to get regular publications

If there is a website that has mentioned you in a publication, always Email them by starting with a thank you, also ask if they wouldn't mind linking back to you as it would be of great help to the readers of the publication

How brand mentions can help your Google rankings

People mentioning your brand in their websites can help you increase your SEO ranking. Brand mentioning is when a brand is mentioned by a consumer or a member of the audience. Brand mentions can happen when people nag or rave about a certain product. There are three types of brand mentions;

  • Web Mentions
  • Social media mentions
  • Customer reviews

All these mentions have some influence on how Google appraises brand power which is very important in SEO. This is probably the reason as to why you should be turning your brand mentions to links. There are several ways you can use to shoot up your ranking through brand mentions.

Rank your content

When you have an appropriate and a well-placed online content, you will easily attain high sales for your products. The elements of such type of online content are a decent balance of images and texts, trustworthy information and being unique from all other online sources.

Choose a guest blog wisely

When it comes to posting on someone else's blog, you have to be very careful and wise. Create relationships with most common and well-connected, superior content blogs in your specialty.

Make sure you are connecting with your audience

Always understand your audience and come up with a content that will please them.

Track your mentions

Knowing where a lot of your brand mentions are approaching from is very important. This will allow you to know which sites to devote your time and capitals on.

Monitoring and tracking your brand mention is a very good way of converting link building.