University of Ottawa Curling Team

History of Curling at the University of Ottawa

The University Of Ottawa has for a long period of time offered no options for experienced curlers at the university to play at the varsity level as well as few options for students to experience curling for the first time ever. We at the University of Ottawa Curling Club believe that this should change. Two curlers currently representing Women's Team Canada, Rachel Homan and Lisa Weagle both graduated from the University of Ottawa which is one of seven Universities in Ontario to not offer varsity curling. It ironic that two of the Best curlers in the world attended a University where they couldn't represent their school in varsity sports. Some non-official clubs have, in the past, tried to host curling events with little to no success.

Our missions

As curlers, we love playing with and against our friends whenever given the chance. This includes friends that never curl and friends at other Universities on their varsity curling teams. Because of this we wish to establish two parts of the University of Ottawa Curling club this year with the hopes of getting competitive club status in the University of Ottawa September of 2020 competitive club evaluations. But our goals do not end there, we hope to also host fun events for students at the University to drop in and learn how to curl. These events will offer coaching from experience curlers for people who have never curled before. After some coaching the participants will get to play games and enjoy food and drinks with their friends.

Events to Come

There are currently two curling events planned for this semester but details have yet to be finalized. After trying to get club status we hope to book two Saturday or Sunday ice times in February and March for students to come out and try curling. If these events are successful we hope to increase the number of events next year as well as expand into having an official competitive team or two within our club as well. These teams would be practicing often and competing in events around the Ottawa area and Ontario to improve their skills and have fun.