United States History

I created this website in order for others to get help in United States History and/or to pass the U.S. History and Government Regents Exam. You can find an explanation of all the Supreme Court cases that are important for you to know under the Supreme Court Cases tab. This site is also for those who are either interested in history or for history teachers to use. This website goes through most of the time periods in U.S. history.You can find an explanation of each time period under the Topics in History tab. Just use the drop down menu to locate which topic you'd like to view. Under the Resources tab, I posted several links to videos, quiz and test review websites, and games to help you on various topics in U.S. history. All the things you need to pass U.S. history are within this awesome site! I hope you enjoy my website.

Today in History: On February 12, 1793 the first of two fugitive slave laws were passed. The law required all states to return slaves to their owners.

Today in History: On February 12, 1809, President Abraham Lincoln was born. Lincoln fought long and hard during America's bloodiest war up till the day he died. Lincoln is a president I admire because he did so much for this nation. Lincoln proposed the 13th amendment which passes just four months before he died. Lincoln's line of "...this government for the people, by the people, of the people shall not perish from this earth..." is shown even today.

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