Heirloom Health, Breathing Workshop Level 1 Certification Program

The Breathing Workshop Certification Program is for the novice movement trainer, personal trainer, personal coach, group fitness instructor, and wellness counselor. It is a credit-bearing course that will qualify the successful Certifying Trainee to become Breathing Workshop Instructors to teach in a variety of settings.

US Accredited Course for Fitness and Health Instructors.

  • Online $85
  • Express Certification $835 (online + 1.5 days of in-person training, in USA)

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United Pilates, Mat

The United Pilates™, Mat Course (NASM Approved 1.9/2,0 CEUs). Open Enrollment.

This is a 45-hours hands-on teaching course for future instructors. You will be expected to read in preparation for the course, in the discipline of anatomy. From day one, you will give presentations, taught to teach and practice teaching. You will become confident in conducting group and private Pilates classes through this qualifying course.

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United Pilates, Reformer One

The United Pilates™, Reformer One (NASM Approved 1.9/2.0 CEUs). Open Enrollment.

This is a 48-hours hands-on teaching course for future instructor. You will be expected to complete 112 hours of practice and observation as part of this program. Taught in condensed blocks, textbook reading is an important part to preparing you for this teaching practice focused learning experience. Throughout the course, you will be expected to present and demonstrate your understanding of biomechanics in relationship to the Reformer work; with eventual achievement such as teaching the complete beginner client and adjusting programs to suit the beginner and starting intermediate clients' fitness levels.

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United Pilates, Tower

The United Pilates™, Tower (NASM Approved 1.9/2.0 CEUs). Open Enrollment; completion of Mat Course or Reformer One will be advantageous.

This is a 48-hours hands-on teaching course for future instructors. You will be expected to complete 112 hours of practice and observation, in addition to class hours, as part of this program. The Tower is part of the Cadillac repertoire and equipment created by Joseph Pilates. This program teaches you the choreography behind this investion and its benefit in (re-training) clients from post-surgery, injuries, and other implications. A truly unique workout regime, the knowledge of this empowering work will be imparted to the new Tower Pilates Teacher through this program. Reading material includes anatomy and biomechanics. Class participation and satisfactory completion of coursework are expected.

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United Pilates, Continuing Education

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