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UNIMT recognized clubs and associations:

Foundation Xclusives (FX)

All foundation students are automatically be in this club. FX club creates platforms and help students bond in their Foundation year. Through this club, students will be given the chance to learn how to manage and join exciting and exclusive events organised by the club. For more info, contact Aiman Syakirin.

Kelab Penyayang UNIMY (KPU)

Kelab Penyayang UNIMY which also called KPU, is a registered club of UNIMY, under the consent of Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia, providing a medium for students to get involved with charity projects and community services. For more info, contact Akmal Shaari.

UNIMY Peers Club (UPEC)

The purpose of establishing this club is to introduce an immediate support network for students to help students in solving their personal or study problem for a balanced lifestyle in university. For more info, contact Naufal Najib.

Rakan Usrah

This club enables members to discuss and voice out any opinions and ideas that would be beneficial to others based on Islamic views. Each member will lead weekly activities that would hone their leadership and communication skills. For more info, contact Asyraf Razlan.

UNIMY Photography Crew

Photography crew is the platform to polish your photography and videography skills, while capturing unforgettable moments. For more info, contact Eunice.

Eco Ed-Venture

A platform for those who enjoy outdoor sports and interested to volunteer or work with charities. Club’s members will be exposed to preparation of paperwork, managing people and organising programmes. For more info, contact Iqmal Syafiq.


They focus on all aspects of competitive gaming. Coaching on teamwork, strategy, communication and adaptiveness to then compete locally as well as inter-university tournaments. For more info, contact Abdul Rahman Rahman.

Arts Club

Empowering the students to begin a lifelong career of artistic risk-taking and self-discovery. Develops creativity ,artistic skills and professionalism in students through an active production program. Encourage and develops skill in communication , problem solving, research and application in performance and production.

Data Science Society

Educational club about data science, the aim is to provide opportunities for UNIMY students to learn about data science.


Our objectives is to create a bond among all unimy member. We hope that we can clear out the 'walls' between different batch of students. Let the participant or member to know how to organize a group of people and learn how to guide their team members.

Japanime Society

The objective of the club is to create a community for students who have an interest in anime, manga, gaming, Japanese language or culture in general, promoting Japanese culture through various events, providing language exchange opportunities to members who are learning Japanese, enhancing social networks within the Japanese-learning student body and with other cultural communities on campus.

Confucian Cultural Society(CCS)

To gather people who are interested in learning Confucius teaching. To learn the fundamental teachings of Confucianism. To adhere the spirit of tolerance this building a harmonious world.To emphasize on the teachings of the traditional values such as family, honor,respect, moderation, righteousness, benevolence and loyalty. Most importantly, learn how to be a great thinker.

Self defence club

Train become more stronger !