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Types of Readings

I am frequently updating my website with a variety of different reading types, make sure to join my mailing list to be notified of additions to my shop. 

The list is almost endless for what I can offer you guidance on.

However, there are a few topics I will not cover such as fertility, pregnancy, health, and legal matters. 

I do not offer mediumship readings at this time, though I hope to in the future.

Reiki Healings

Distance Reiki Sessions

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" So let me first start by saying wow just WOW. Lauren did a reading for me when I was in a time of crisis and it really helped to clear my Mind and my Heart. So much of what she said rang true in the following week. I never knew that a Tarot Reader could posses such extraordinary gifts and I’m so happy that I followed my intuition and got a reading from her. Thank you Lauren! "


" I absolutely loved my reading from Lauren! I got a large reading and only asked two fairly general questions, but got so much detail. Everything was laid out in a way that was easy to read and understand and the advice Lauren offered based on the cards made it feel like having a conversation with a close friend. This reading really clarified things for me and I would definitely order another reading in the future! Totally worth it! Thanks, Lauren! ❤ " 


"I will honestly have to say that booking a reading “Tree of Life” with Lauren was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. It definitely will be helping me so much with my Shadow Work and my Spiritual Journey. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this reading if you are on that path. It helped me IMMENSELY open up the shadow parts of myself that I have been suppressing for years. You will not be disappointed. She goes in-depth and taps into each card and is remarkably spot on. THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU Lauren!!! You are amazing. I’m so glad I found you in my journey. 😊🙏❤️❤️❤️"


" I started getting readings from Lauren when she was starting out and really honing in on her abilities. I made sure to keep a record of everything she told me over the last few months. Most everything she said resonated with my in the moment, but I didn't know how spot on they would be until now. Looking back, I can see many of the things she told me coming to fruition. Whether that's by fate and the universe or by me inadvertently making things happen because of Lauren's readings, it doesn't matter. I am in awe at how spot on her readings have been. I truly believe in Lauren's intuition and capabilities, and I recommend that anyone getting a reading saves the info they receive from her so that you can look back on it like I did and see how it has manifested over time.  "


" Lauren was so amazing! Super calm and approachable. I very much appreciated the thoughtful follow up questions to have the reading even more in depth. "


" Lauren is amazing! I've ordered two readings from her and will probably order more! Her insight and ability to read the cards is spot on! "


" It was a really great reading. Thanks for choosing those extra questions for me, they were really insightful. I can't believe how great your reading was for such a great price. Thank you 🙂 "


" Definitely helpful! I’m was looking for a bit of direction and I feel like this was exactly what I need! She was super friendly at all times :)  "


"I recommend booking a reading with Unfogging the Future! Especially if you are in business or music industry! She was straight to the point and very educated in her craft! Thank you!. "


" My experience with Lauren’s Reading was spot on! I was amazed what she picked up for me and she goes into depth with each card is drawn towards you and explains everything what the card means and your current situation whatever it may be that’s concerning to you. Lauren is genuine, patient, honest, and understanding she will make you feel comfortable and welcomed. I recommend getting a reading with her it is so worth it everyone! 10/10 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  "


" This was wonderful! I chose to get a small reading, and there was so much detail and thought put into this reading. I could feel it energetically, even though we are hundreds of miles apart from each other. I got answers to questions I have been holding onto for a very long time, and clarity on a couple of things that were weighing heavily on me. This was an awesome experience, I highly recommend her and will absolutely be getting another reading from her in the future! "


Meet Lauren

My whole life I have been intuitive and sensitive to spirit, it wasn't until I was around 11 years old when I realized that I was different from the other kids. Some of my peers witnessed this first hand, when I refused to let a friend of mine off the school bus at her stop. If I had let her off when she intended to, she would have been hit by a truck that blew past our bus's stop sign. I can still see that blue truck hitting her so clearly in my mind. I was lucky to be supported by my peers when it came to my abilities and not ridiculed.

At first, I would get premonitions outside of my control, but over the years I have developed my skills to be able to connect intuitively on my own. I am always working toward improving my intuition and abilities. I was first introduced to tarot 7 years ago, and I am so blessed to have been able to learn the art myself. I recently completed my Reiki Master's and I am so excited to help heal people on an energetic level.

In any of my readings, my intuition and connection with my Spirit Guides are what I most rely on. I connect with my spirit guides through my clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience. Tarot is a helpful tool in my readings, not only to help me uncover things I might not immediately see, but it really does help to provide imagery and something more tangible for the client who is being read.

I hope to offer you guidance, healing, and help along your spiritual journey.

Love and Light,
Unfogging the Future

E-mail: unfoggingfuture@gmail.com

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