The application is still open!

As we notified the 10th UNFCCC-GIR-CASTT Programme on GHGs is postponed to 3 August ~ 26 August 2020, there will be a new deadline according to

the new schedule.

So, the application is still open even though many of you were informed the deadline for application was 5 April KST 24:00.

Currently, GIR and UNFCCC secretariat are preparing the revised key dates, so the exact deadline will be announced shortly.

Please frequently check the webpage, GIR website(, and UNFCCC secretariat website for further notice.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any question.

Thank you for understanding in advance and stay safe.



Notice of postponement

In response to the global COVID-19 outbreak and to prioritize the health and safety of the prospective trainees, the 10th UNFCCC-GIR-CASTT Programme

is postponed to August 2020 and applilcations are still open.

The rescheduled programme will take place in Seoul, Korea from 3 August~26 August 2020.

We apologize to you for all the inconveniences and hope this situation will get better soon.

We will further notify application submission deadline and key dates when it is confirmed.

Thank you for your understanding in advance and stay safe and healthy.



Guidance for Requirement Documents

To avoid confusion due to many applicants, please submit all the required documents at once.

All the submitted documents must be in English.

The documents you need to submit are as follows:

1. Letter of permission signed by your supervisor

2. Latest academic degree certificate

3. Curriculum Vitae

4. Copy of your passport

5. Official documents of English proficiency (Except the countries whose official language is English)

* Please submit one of the following documents as required.

- English proficiency test certificate (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS etc.)

- Diploma of bachelor's degree or higher in the English speaking country

Those who submit all documents will receive a confirmation letter from the secretariat of this programme, so please check your documents, if you

have not received the confirmation letter.

The 10th UNFCCC-GIR-CASTT Programme on GHGs Application Submission Period Start

The 10th UNFCCC-GIR-CASTT Programme on GHG will hold in Seoul, Korea from August 3 to August 26, 2020.

The Application Submission Period starts today (9 March) and the deadline for Submission is TBA because of COVID-19.

Applicants can submit the application form from the web link ( ).

Applicants also need to submit the required documents at once to secretariat's email ( to complete the application.

Thank you.

2020.03.09 (2020.03.27, 14:30 (KST) revised)


Please Welcome the 2020 UNFCCC-GIR-CASTT Programme on GHGs

Greetings from Seoul, Korea.

The GIR in collaboration with UNFCCC will hold 2020 UNFCCC-GIR-CASTT Programme on GHG in Seoul, Korea from August 3 to August 26, 2020.

The Application Submission Period will open on 9 March and the deadline for submission is TBA.

More information will be updated so please be attentive to the webpage and GIR homepage(

Thank you.

2020.03.02 (2020.03.27, 14:30 (KST) revised)


Announcement of trainee selection result

Greetings from the UNFCCC-GIR-CASTT Secretariat, Republic of Korea.

And thank you for waiting the announcement.

After careful screening process, the secretariat selected 33 trainees on the day.

We have sent a notification mail of selection result to each applicant.

We will not disclose the list of selected trainees on this website, so please check your email.

(If you do not receive the notification mail because of some error, please contact us.)

We really appreciate all applicants again.



Selection announcement date has changed

Greetings from the UNFCCC-GIR-CASTT Secretariat, Republic of Korea.

We would like to inform you that the announcement date of selected applicants was changed.

Due to the extremely large volume of applications we received, it took more time than expected to carefully review all the applications.

Therefore, we need more days to finish the selection process, so instead of June 5th, the announcement date has moved to June 11th.

We apologize any inconvenience it may cause and appreciate your understanding in advance.

Thank you very much.



About English interview via phone

Greetings from the UNFCCC-GIR-CASTT Secretariat, Republic of Korea.

Currently, many applicants are inquiring about the English interview.

The interviews were originally scheduled on May 20th and 21st, but the interviews were delayed due to the document review.

A numerous number of applications was submitted, and it took us longer than expected.

For applicants who pass the screening process at a later date, we will send them each an e-mail about the English interview via phone, and will then adjust the time available for interview with the applicant.

Thank you.