A Full Modelling Experience

No Joining Fees

Get paid*

Apply no matter the location

*subject to contract

There are no restrictions on who can apply to join Underlads so long as they are a boy and interested in becoming an underwear model! 

We accept applications from anywhere in the world and there are no joining fees!

They can be of any size, shape, height, stature, and of any race or skin colour to join Underlads.

They can be resident or located anywhere in the world to join us.

We are currently looking for boys under the age of 16, but we will also consider older & university age applicants up to 21.

All applicants who are aged under 16 should ideally apply through a parent, guardian, or a trusted person.

Their photographs will not appear on this website or anywhere else without your permission.

Their submissions may be sent via email
or a shared Google Drive folder (please share with underlads.models@gmail.com)

Why only boys?

There is a global shortage of boys aged under 16 signed up as underwear models, where as there is no shortage of girls doing so. This is why we came up with the concept of Underlads.

To address these shortages!

Parents/Guardians - Are you wondering if this is right for your son to try?

Watch the video below to get an idea of what a professional boys underwear modelling shoot can be like!

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