Uncommon Sense Health

An Alternative Look At Health


In a world turned upside down, what seemed common sense to our forefathers is now uncommon sense. On this website we will explore in layman terms what is now Uncommon Sense Health in terms of food nutrition and the need for supplementaton. The videos below will provide a primer for you to turn around your personal health situation.

You will note that we have included several videos on Diabetes in this "must watch" series. The reason for including Diabetes information is because today 50 % of Americans are either diabetic or pre-diabetic. This condition is due to the high consumption of foods that alone or in combination become sugars in our bodies that overload multiple organs.

The diet guidelines are not a quick fix diet, rather they require lifestyle changes that or not easy to achieve if you eat the standard American diet. But for 10s of thousands of Americans who have gotten sick and tired of being "sick and tired", these changes have provided relief from chronic conditions.

What Are 12 Bad Foods?

Dr. Peter Glidden lists the 12 Bad Foods you should never eat.

Can You Get All The Nutrition You Need From Food ?

Dr. Joel Wallach states the case for nutritional supplementation.