What? Where did you come from?

As long as you're here: welcome. This is the fourth size-fantasy writing contest of 2017 (read up on the prior three). Writers from all over Twitter and other locations are convening to put pen to page, fingers to keyboards, and create tales of Unawareness. These stories will go up against each other in an arena of peers, judged by whomever happens to be paying attention at the time, including fans, the writers themselves, and other fetishists or curious individuals.

What does "Unaware" entail? First recorded in 1696, it's currently used to mean "lacking knowledge or acquaintance." Writers are encouraged to take this to any extent or tangent they care to, as long as the story incorporates tiny people or gigantic people. Or both, whatever! This contest is just for fun, so please feel free to take some chances, push yourself, try something new and experimental.

(Although... this time there is a prize. The talented 3D artist GFsm is generously offering a free render for one of the winners! Check out his work on DeviantArt.)