How to Get Involved



The students involved in SGA play an important role in the function of campus life and activities. Don’t let this opportunity slip away, join our Student Government today! Take part in our General Elections or our Internal Elections to run for a senator position.

Membership Requirements:

The Student Government Association (SGA) represents the student body; any student who is currently registered for at least one course bearing a minimum of three academic credits. Only members of the student body are eligible to vote in student government elections.

Qualifications for membership:

  • Any student represented by the SGA, registered for at least 9 credits, and in good academic and judicial standing, in accordance with the UMass Dartmouth policy, may stand for election to the SGA.


  • Prospective candidates must pick up, fill out and turn in an election packets when made available and receive a minimum of 25 signatures from the constituency they wish to represent as Senator or Class Officer.
  • Fall/Spring Elections
    • There are 2 Senatorial Elections that occur each academic year, a Fall Election and a Spring Election. These elections occur online through the MyOrgs website. The Spring Election is for all senators except for those representing the incoming freshman class. The Fall Election is soley for freshman class senators.
    • Any undergraduate student presently enrolled in the constituency that candidate wishes to represent can vote for said candidate.
  • Internal Elections
    • There are 2 Senatorial Internal Elections that occur each academic year. Internal elections occur after the Fall Election and before the Spring Election at the physical general SGA meetings if vacant seats are available within the Senate.
    • Any current senator in SGA can vote for a candidate.

New & Noteworthy

New - Fall 2018!

Mount Ida Senator Seats

  • On September 19th, the Board of Trustees voted to add 3 temporary senator seats to the UMass Dartmouth SGA! We are so proud to welcome all Mustangs and we hope this opportunity serves them well.

New - Fall 2017!

SGA Representative

  • It’s never too late to be a part of the SGA! Be sure to fill out a Student Body Representative packet if you missed the Senatorial Election periods. A Student Body Representative is a non-voting member of the student government that represents the interests of the general student body. To become a Representative, please see the "Student Body Representative Packet".

We are always looking for dedicated and innovative students to fill vacant positions. We hope to hear from you soon!