Ullip & S.Y.P.H.

the beginning of a long way to my own style : S.Y.P.H. are special , but the first step to make my own music 1977-1986

With the Band: S.Y.P.H. I made my first steps in the field of free improvisation. The time in the Can Studio in the production of the LP Pst and the 4th LP, have influenced me a lot. At this time, this band was completely intact. However, collaboration became impossible due to many personal difficulties, the common spirit of creating new music was replaced by egomania and struggle. The plate Wieleicht was then in 1985 the conclusion of a barren cooperation. That's how I got off in 1986. The first albums which are also associated with my authorship are for me today even more important. However, this story is now complete. The music stays

S.Y.P.H. - Hello to the MipauLP1979PF 04 CK 02 Seite 1Zurück zum BetonIndustrie- MädchenLachleute und NettmanschenUnreif für die zukunftMercedesChess ChellengerWhat Happens?*Heute Norm - Morgen TodSeite 2Partir*Kein ZielKisuaheliMusiker:Uwe Jahnke - GitarreUlli Putsch - SchlagzeugHarry Rag - Gesang, SimulechoJürgen Wolter - Bass
*Gesang: Andrea Eichler & Stefanie de JongSologitarre auf "What Happens": Bernd SchmidtProduziert von S.Y.P.H. und CarmenAufgenommen und abgemischt vom 27.12. - 30.12.79im Studio Klandwerk Dssd Mixer: Bernd Schmidt

S.Y.P.H. - PstLP1980PF 06 CK 03
Seite 1:EurotonEinsam in WienModerne RomantikLamettaModellAlpha und ViettaNachbarSeite 2:RegentanzStressDo the FleischwurstMusiker:Uwe Jahnke - GitarreHarry Rag - Gesang, GitarreUli Putsch - SchlagzeugJürgen Wolter - Bass
Holger Czukay - Horn, Perc., Bass, MundharmonikaProduziert von Holger Czukay und S.Y.P.H.

S.Y.P.H. - S.Y.P.H.LP1981PF 15
Seite 1:1. Die Deep (1:18)2. Hänschen Horror (1:11)3. Lämmerschwanz (1:57)
Seite 2:1. Nachbar (12:39)2. Satarasch (2:52)3. Little Nemo (18:03)MusikerHarry Rag - Guitar, VocalsUwe Jahnke - Guitar, VocalsJürgen Wolter - BassUli Putsch - DrumsHolger Czukay - Bass, Percussion, Horn
Cover Photo by Fred Michael Tesch.Logo Photo by Carmen Knoebel.Poem by Uwe Jahnke.Produced by Holger Czukay und Harry Rag.

S.Y.P.H. 1977 was formed as a direct reaction to the Punk movement in England by Harry Rag and Thomas Schwebel (from Fehlfarben).1979 saw their first LP "Zurück zum Beton" (Pure Freude) ("Back to the Concrete" Pure Pleasure). 1985 Wieleicht NDW (new German wave) revisited : S.Y.P.H. instead of A.I.D.S.During a year when German pop music had reached its lowest level in years, 4 guys from Solingen near Düsseldorf – Harry Rag (vocals), Uwe Jahnke (guitar), Jürgen Wolter (bass) and Uli Putsch (drums) – released their sensational double album ‘Wieleicht’ with 20 tracks on the Ata Tak/Das Büro label, the importance of which paralleled another musical milestone from the group Fehlfarben ‘Monarchie und Alltag’ (‘Monarchy and Mundaneness`). Anarchistic fantasy, profundity and poetry, punk songs, reggae and psychedelia, rhythm flows reminiscent of Can and Brian Eno’s slow love songs made this the ‘White Album’ of German rock music (D. Diedrichsen) and Harry Rag the greatest of all German punk poets – an individual juxtaposed to the trend setters of that time. This CD remains timeless and unquestionably sincere.