Ullip Percussion Artist

Ulrich Putsch ( owner of the Page und Musician)

Casa Melocoton

Lugar Camino del Algarrobal N°1

29710 Periana/Malaga Spain (Andalusien)

Ulrich Putsch is a freelancer and worked as Musician , producer , sound engineer , Composer and videoratist

Owner of Klangartig records - music and Video Label LC 86283 ©.

CEO´s : Katrin Aubke & Ulrich Putsch

Ullip (Ulrich Putsch) are GEMA Member (Composing) and GVL Member (Label & Publishing)

Owner of Katulli artwork - Videoproductions ©. Ceo`s : Katrin Aubke & Ulrich Putsch

All pictures and Videopices by Katrin Aubke © , Video cut and production Ulrich Putsch ©