Discussion paper or under review

  • Heim, Sven, Hüschelrath, Kai, Ulrich Laitenberger and Yossi Spiegel (2019): The Anticompetitive Effect of Minority Share Acquisitions: Evidence from the Introduction of National Leniency Programs (formerly: Minority Shares and Collusion – Evidence from introduction of national leniency programs) CEPR Discussion Paper 13327. Current version Online Appendix
  • Hunold, Matthias , Kai Hüschelrath, Ulrich Laitenberger and Johannes Muthers (2018), Competition, collusion and spatial sales patterns – theory and evidence, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 17-035, Mannheim, DICE Discussion Paper 302 Current Version (1st revision at Journal of Industrial Economics requested)
  • Laitenberger, Ulrich, Steffen Viete, Olga Slivkó, Michael Kummer, Kathrin Borchert and Matthias Hirth (2018), Unemployment and Online Labor, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 18-023, Mannheim. Current version

Work in progress

  • Health markets
    • Auctions vs. Copayment Schemes (with Eduardo Fiuza and Christine Zulehner)
    • Drug Procurement Auctions and Supply Uncertainty (with Nicolas Fugger)
    • Set-Asides vs. Subsidies: New evidence from drug procurement auctions in Brazil (with Eduardo Fiuza, Alexis Larousse and Christine Zulehner)
  • Online platforms
    • Bias on Meta Search Platforms with vertical Integration (with M. Hunold and R. Kesler)
    • Effects of Reviews on Health Care Allocations (with Daniel Hughes and Michael Kummer)
    • Preferential Treatment? On the Business Model of Doctor Review Sites (with Reinhold Kesler)