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Square Dancer Callers Club of Great Britain. Representative Organisation for Square Dance Callers and Round Dance Cuers in the UK.


Round Dance Council. Promotes Round Dancing in the UK through education, training, encouragement and information. They organise workshops for both Cuers & Dancers.

International Organisations

Callerlab. The International Association of Square Dance Callers, based in the USA, which promotes Caller training and standardises moves in each of the dance programmes.


Roundalab. The International Organization for Round Dance leaders, which standardises Round Dance figures, cue terms, cue sheet format and teaching methodology.


European Association of American Square Dancing Clubs (EAASDC). The German Based Organisation co-ordinating Square Dancing and Round Dancing across central Continental Europe.

Square Dance Association of Australia. Links to clubs, events, etc.


Square Dance Association of Japan. Links to clubs, events, etc.


Square Dance Association of Canada. Links to clubs, events etc.


United Square Dancers of America

by Square Dancers for Square Dancers

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Square Dance Association of Sweden. Links to clubs, events etc.

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Square Dance Association of Denmark. Links to clubs, events etc.

Dance Assistance


The most comprehensive and technically accurate animations of square dance moves on the web. The program visually demonstrates the definitions from Basic & Mainstream through to C3a and now includes SSD. It displays moves from both the usual and not so usual starting formations.


Ceder Net A resource site run by the international caller Vic Ceder, giving information about calls, dance tapes, CDs and MP3s.


Round Dancing Net This site gives a variety of dance handbooks containing steps and figures for Cuers and dancers.


Mixed Up Squares This is a resource site for Cuers call sheets and Challenge Square dancing resources .

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