Opportunities in North America for Ukrainian mathematicians

Можливості в Північній Америці для українських математиків

We are a group of North American mathematicians who would like to help Ukrainian professional mathematicians and students of mathematics, who might consider a visiting position or a study program in the USA or Canada.

If interested, please fill out this form. Please forward the link to the form or this website to those who may be interested. Students (undergraduate or graduate) are encouraged to submit an application using the link at Displaced students page.

Frequently Asked Questions

(When?) If the opportunities for positions become available, what is an approximate timeframe?

The most common start dates in the US and Canada are August or September. However, more immediate opportunities may arise.

(Where?) What institutions would offer temporary positions?

The supporters have various ideas on how to create positions within their home institutions and possibly involve their colleagues at other universities. They need your input to act: please fill out the form.

I can't leave Ukraine due to the martial law. Should I still fill out the form or apply for a program for students?


Males 18-60 are allowed to leave Ukraine if they are doing studies, research, etc. abroad: see the last exception to the rules listed here. We are aware that (at the moment of writing; in April) it is still practically hard to use this exception, but hope that this would change with time.

Is Ukrainian affiliation required?

Yes, the initiative supports mathematicians who are currently affiliated with an institution in Ukraine on a permanent basis.

Is Ukrainian citizenship required?


(More questions?) Where to send questions not answered above?

This site is maintained by Galyna Livtshyts glivshyts6@gatech.edu and Anton Leykin leykin@math.gatech.edu; please direct your questions to these email addresses.