A War of lies

Nick (Mikola) Shcherban

The Truth Behind the Ukraine Conflict: 

A Web of Lies

The narrative surrounding the war in Ukraine is shrouded in falsehoods — from its origins to its ongoing developments, and its potential conclusion.

Despite claims of Ukraine's victory, the reality is starkly different: Ukraine is losing ground. Contrary to assertions that the conflict strengthens NATO, it is actually depleting the alliance. The supposed primary challenge for Ukraine is not a lack of U.S. Congressional funds but the West's inability to produce sufficient ammunition, a deficiency that will take years to address. While it is reported that Russia suffers greater casualties, the truth is that Ukraine is rapidly running out of soldiers, a predicament that money cannot solve.

The global perspective on U.S. policy reveals widespread skepticism, with the majority viewing it as misguided. Contrary to the notion that peace is unattainable, multiple opportunities for negotiated settlements have been dismissed. The belief that Ukraine's continued resistance will improve its negotiating stance is misleading; in fact, the terms are likely to worsen over time.

Nevertheless, these deceptions prolong the conflict. Additional funds will be allocated by Congress, Russia will continue to seize more territory, and Ukraine will mobilize more of its young population into the conflict. Growing discontent will eventually lead to a crisis in Kiev, possibly resulting in the fall of the Zelensky government.

When the war finally ends, and Ukraine lies in ruins, those who propagated these lies will claim they did their best and that they stood up to Putin. They will attribute failure to a supposed internal betrayal by "Putin apologists" and, having shifted the blame, will move on to the next conflict, much like they did after Afghanistan and Iraq.

The web of lies is vast — but it will succeed in achieving its purpose.

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War in Ukraine is the fault of US and NATO

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